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購物滿 HK$300,即可免費順豐送貨,派送至香港或澳門地區



Product Warranty Clause

Register the warranty service within 14 days from the date of purchasing the XPower product. The company provides customers with  warranty service (only the warranty period for individual products or accessories is different, please refer to the product description for details). Starting from the date of purchase and within the specified maintenance period, if the product is damaged or malfunctioning, the company’s technicians have confirmed that it has occurred under normal use, and the company will provide free maintenance services. XPower's full range of products will provide comprehensive maintenance and replacement services and a global liability insurance coverage of 16 million during the warranty period.

If customers find any problems with the product after purchasing XPower products, they can directly contact the XPower customer service center. If maintenance service is necessary, please bring the product and purchase receipt to XPower Customer Service Center, or send the product in question to XPower Customer Service Center by express/post for testing. If it is confirmed that the product cannot be operated normally due to physical reasons, the XPower Customer Service Center will repair or replace the product. If the customer chooses to send or receive the product by express/post, the freight will be borne by the user.

If you have arranged express delivery/posting, you need to pay attention to the following:
1) If the product is delivered to the company's maintenance service point in the form of delivery, all related round-trip delivery and freight must be handled by the user in the form of prepaid or collect. The company is not responsible for possible loss or damage during transportation.
2) Please make sure that the original documents are required for the package, and also write the reason for the bad goods, the name of the user, the phone number and the return address
3) When the express delivery arrives, the customer service center will take about 2-4 working days for inspection, and then SF Express will be arranged to send it back. The entire process may take 7-10 working days

The warranty service is subject to the following terms:
Warranty service is only applicable to original licensed products; second-hand, parallel and counterfeit goods are invalid.
When repairing the product, please present the original invoice to the company's repair center for repair, otherwise the warranty service will be invalid and the customer must pay the service fee.
The original invoice must be the original purchase receipt that has not been modified and is clearly readable. The receipt must clearly show the seller's name, date of purchase, product type or serial number; if it fails to provide, the company reserves the right not to provide maintenance services, or may charge fees for related maintenance.
When repairing or replacing products, our company reserves to use the same or higher model as the product or function. The model of the replacement product and whether the charge is ultimately determined by the company. All replaced parts or their objects belong to the property of our company.

Warranty service does not apply to the following situations:
1) The limited warranty does not apply to any third-party software, settings, content, data or links, regardless of whether the third-party software, configuration, content, data or link is included in the product or downloaded to the product, and whether it is installed or assembled , Is included in the product during transportation or delivery, or you obtain it in any way. To the extent permitted by applicable laws, XPower does not guarantee that it can meet your requirements or that it can be used in combination with any hardware or software applications provided by third-party vendors; XPower does not guarantee that the software will run uninterrupted or be free of any errors, or software Any deficiencies in are correctable or will be corrected.
2) Defects caused by rough operation
3) Defects or damages caused by improper use of the product, including defects or damages caused by the use of the product not in accordance with the warnings or instructions of XPower related products (such as the use specified in the XPower user manual)
4) Wrong operations such as illegally connecting the power supply, and water and dirt seeping into the product causing damage to the product
5) Product damage caused by irresistible accidents or natural disasters
6) Other actions beyond the reasonable control of XPower
7) If the product has been exposed to moisture, humidity, or extreme temperature or environmental conditions, or is exposed to rapid changes in the aforementioned conditions, or is corroded, oxidized, or splashed by food or liquid or chemical If the battery is short-circuited or damaged due to the influence of the battery, this limited warranty will not apply.

Customers can check the repair progress of the repaired product through telephone or email (E-Mail). Please pick up the repaired product within 60 days from the date of issue, otherwise the company has the right to dispose of the above items without any prior notice. Accept any claims.
In the following cases, this warranty service will automatically become invalid, and the company reserves the right to refuse to repair the product or to charge customers all inspection and repair costs.
i. The product has been repaired or modified by non-company personnel,
ii. The product has been misused, mishandled, neglected, directly or indirectly accidentally damaged by fire, liquid, fire, corrosion, earthquake, war, riots or natural disasters,
iii. The model or product number attached to the product has been deleted or removed.
The company will not be responsible for any system errors and data loss caused by use, maintenance or transportation, or losses caused by natural disasters or accidents.
The company will not be responsible for any loss directly or indirectly caused by product damage.
Repair and maintenance services are only applicable within the scope of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
The company reserves the right of final decision on all disputes.