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購物滿 HK$300,即可免費順豐送貨,派送至香港或澳門地區



Member Benefits and shopping credit instructions

You are welcome to register as an XPower member, there are so many member discounts!

"XPower Points Description"
Consumption reward points: 1 point will be given for spending over $200
Discount consumption amount: every 1 point can be discounted into 1 consumption amount。
Exclusive for new members: Automatically send $20 shopping gold to new members and make the first purchase.
Exclusive birthday gift for members: Exclusive birthday bonus points for members are 50 points! Directly transfer to a valid member account on the birthday, and the expiration date is 30 days after the issuance, and the system will automatically deduct it from the account when it expires.
Shopping Gold Instructions : a single order needs to spend $100 or more before the shopping credit can be used, and a maximum of $50 shopping credit can be redeemed (customers can set the discount amount by themselves)

*Please note that if we finds that the member's order does not meet the eligibility requirements of the shopping credit terms of use, we will cancel the order and refund, but the discounted shopping credit will not be refunded

Terms and conditions
Consumer reward points:
When a member spends on the official website of XPower, according to the actual payment amount of the product, 1 point of membership will be given for spending over 200 yuan. The points below the decimal point are not included in the rewards and cannot be accumulated to the combined calculation of the placed order.
Member points are calculated based on the actual payment amount (excluding shipping costs). Where discounts, coupons or bonus points are used to offset the amount, no additional points will be calculated.
If the discount standard is met, the checkout page system will automatically calculate it and display the available membership points. Please select the discount amount by yourself. Consumers must pay attention before checkout.
The system will change to "Completed" status after the order is received 7-14 days. When the order status is "Completed", the system will automatically send member points to the member account. If an order is cancelled or a return occurs in the middle, no points will be sent.

The validity period of consumer reward points expires on December 31 of each year, and other points are determined by the specifications of each activity; if the points are not used after the expiration date, the system will automatically deduct them from the account when they expire.
Member points are of a rebate nature, and accounts cannot be transferred, cash withdrawal or discount is required. This website has the right to change, modify or terminate the validity period of bonus points at any time.

Discount consumption amount:
Every 1 point of member points can be used to deduct $1of existing consumption amount.
Use member points to deduct, if the order is returned, the points cannot be returned, exchange cash or refund; use member points to deduct, if the order is cancelled, the points will be automatically returned, but the use period will not be extended.
Member points can be found in "My Account>Member Points" to check the current membership points and expiration date.
The number of points should be based on the actual number of points available in the account. (If the points are different due to the point effective, the discount time is different, or the data update processing, etc., the points are still subject to the actual available points in the account)
Different member accounts cannot accumulate member points together, and cannot be transferred to other member accounts.
Member points and reward cannot be used on early bird product
Member points and reward cannot be exchanged for cash

The eligibility of the XPower membership discount plan is determined by the company at its sole discretion. In case of any dispute, the company reserves the right of final decision.

The company reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions, change or terminate the membership plan at any time without prior notice.

In case of any dispute, the company reserves the right of final decision.